Why your business NEEDS MUSIC BRANDING

In today’s cluttered marketplace, brands face the challenge of being heard …of being noticed, of staying relevant and maintaining healthy, ongoing customer relationships. People are tired of traditional advertising and use technology to actively avoid it. Even when ads. are seen, research shows that less than 8% are recalled. That’s down from 34% in the ‘60s!

Linking brands with music is not a new concept… but weaving music into your brand identity is what’s happening now. As famed French film director and screenwriter Jean-Luc Godard once said: “It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to." And that’s why what was once an ‘unholy alliance’ between music and advertising is now working to the advantage of both brands and bands.

Why Music… because it’s the soundtrack to our lives. It’s the great human connector. Music generates EMOTION… and while reason leads to conclusions, Emotion leads to Action!

How MUSIC BRANDING can turn your customers into FANS

Smart brands like Bacardi, Red Bull, HP, TAG, Starbucks, CBA, Uniqlo, Intel, Nescafe and Converse are now using music as an emotive force to interactively ENGAGE their customers, in a strategy that is mutually beneficial to both brands and bands. It’s no longer a last minute tactic (“What music will we put behind the TVC?”), but rather a brilliant way to connect to the culture of music and give your brand a sound. In turn, that will help build your reputation and achieve your communication goals.

Bands4Brands can help you develop ‘a music identity’ that reflects your values and those of your customers… an identity that starts conversations with your various target audiences. Used correctly, music can also deliver EXCLUSIVITY… and that helps turn one-off customers into fans.

We’ll show you how music can deliver VALUE to your brand, in turn delivering measurable benefits to the business. We’ll help you establish a music branding strategy that hits just the right note with your customers.

We can match your brand with the right music and musicians.

We generate music-based content that connects.

You'll harness the power of social media (a platform that empowers your customers and where music rules).

We'll help you to leverage your brand's new sound.

Why Bands4Brands for your MUSIC BRANDING

Bands4Brands is a Team that covers all the bases. We have access to great artists and their music and are experienced Music Marketers.

The services we provide include:

Strategic Planning Content Branding Campaign Measurement
Music Identity and Strategy Activation Licensing Writing and Creative Direction
Social Marketing Data Strategy and Analysis Project Management …/and more

Team members include:


info@vida.com.au (Dave Keogh)
0402 153 894
Bands4Brands is a division of Vida Marketing


We're currently featuring Eric Sheinkop, CEO/Co-Founder of music licensing platform Music Dealers and co-author of the book 'Hit Brands: How Music Builds Value for the World’s Smartest Brands' in an interview he made for GRAMMY Pro. In Eric's words: “Music is the world’s number one passion, means that people are inviting it into their lives in a way that they invite no other product, ever.