Who We Are

Pura Vida

About Vida

Pura Vida is a universal greeting in Costa Rica – the Central American country that’s listed among the world’s oldest democracies. Literally it translates as ‘pure life’, but it’s real meaning is closer to ‘full of life’ or even more colloquially, ‘this is living’.

That’s the way we see it at Vida Marketing. We earn a living doing what we love and what we’re good at… and we have fun doing it. As far as we’re concerned, that’s the way life should be. Our team genuinely enjoys coming to work and trying to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Given our direct and database marketing roots, we’re also intent on building relationships between our clients and their customers and key stakeholders that last a lifetime.

Vida is an Australian business. Our offices are located in beautiful Manly, just a quick trip across spectacular Sydney Harbour from the CBD.


Our People

Collectively, the main players at Vida have decades of experience in marketing and advertising. At one time or another we've helped to sell everything from art to anti-depressants; theme parks to thermal underwear; and toys to tick treatment for cattle... but since launching Vida in 1999, we’ve made a conscious decision to work only with clients who share our interests and with whom we have an affinity. Clients who, like us, are trying to make the world a better place in which to live life to the full.

Our promise is to bring to our business partnerships Integrity (the way we do business), Inspiration (ideas that will inspire your customers to take action) and Intuition (a gut feel as to what will work, based on decades of experience and expertise). Whatever your communication requirements, we’ll provide customer-focused solutions based on data-driven insights.

The Vida team is as diverse as its client base. We come from different cultural backgrounds (Australia, the Philippines, Argentina, the U.S. and Sweden) and have a wide variety of skill sets, covering every aspect of the communications spectrum. Key members of the team include:

Anna Cosio

Anna Cosio BS Computer Science

Database Marketing Director

Anna has worked in the specialist field of Direct and Database Marketing for over 20 years and is acknowledged as one of the real ‘gurus’ in the discipline, Australia-wide. (We’re positive ‘annalysis’ was named after her!)

Unlike others of her ilk who share a love of the Big Bang Theory, she’s more marketer than geek. Anna’s able to provide the data-based insights that enable our creative team to get inside the heads of our clients’ customers and speak to them the way they want to be spoken to. Her in-depth study of the results of each campaign ensures that every successive project achieves increasingly better results.

Her Analysis Reports are something at which to marvel. She once recommended that a fundraising client cull 50,000 donors from an upcoming mail-out. The poor client reps. couldn’t believe their ears, but to their credit, supported the recommendation. As a result the campaign saved $70k, tripled the response rate of the previous pre-Vida campaign and raised substantially more funds than its predecessor!

Former Database Marketing Manager of CW Database Services, Anna has qualifications from both ADMA and the Database Marketing Institute U.S.A. She’s also a published columnist on the subject and the winner of both domestic and international Direct Marketing awards.

She has designed, built and/or managed databases for a vast range of clients including Alfa Romeo, AGL, Andrew Harris Vineyards, BMG Australia, Colonial State Bank, CSR, Custom Fleet, Great Wall Motors, Hasbro Australia, HSBC, Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceuticals, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, National Geographic Channel, OPSM, Oracle Corporation, Pacific International Hotels, RSL Insurance, Sheraton Hotels, St Vincent's Hospital, Sybase Powersoft, UKTV, WIRES, WSPA and Yves St. Laurent.

On a personal note, Anna is a keen tennis player with a wicked left-handed serve. Her favourite travel destination is Palawan - an island province of the Philippines - and her most loved restaurant is Ti Amo in Melbourne. One of Anna’s favourite bands is Green Day and she loves cooking with chilli (and eating the result!).

David Keogh

David Keogh B.A. Comms

Creative Director

Dave has been a professional writer for decades, starting out as a journalist and working in mainstream advertising and direct marketing since 1980. A great believer in the importance of Life Experience to any writer, his CV also lists time spent as a published poet, editor, theatrical agent, venue booker, band manager, record company publicist and tennis coach.

He has worked for multinational ad. agencies, lectured at tertiary level and run several successful businesses. David has held such senior agency positions as Head of Copy, Creative Director and Head of DM and is a multi-direct marketing award winner at both domestic and international level.

Once he believes in what he’s writing (and depending on the task at hand), he can craft copy to raise a laugh or bring a tear to your eye. Through research, he provides the reason that leads readers to conclusions. Through his writing skills, he injects the emotion that leads to action.

Dave successfully combines his life passions (music and sport) with business and as such has an involvement with other related ventures including Bands for Brands, Perfect Pitch, Eastern Lounge and Theme Weavers.

He’s an A-Grade tennis player and qualified T.A. Coach and his favourite sporting team is the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles.

The quote that most inspires him comes from Friedrich Nietzsche, who once said: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn’t hear the music.”

Sofia Solari

Sofia Solari

Account Director

Sofi has a strong agency background in her native Argentina, with extensive experience working with leading brands across an integrated channel mix. Her value to Vida also extends to our new venture, Bands4Brands, as Sofi has also worked in the Music Industry for an agency that covered everything from Artist Management and Event Management to 360 degree marketing campaigns. She's helped organise tours for Ricky Martin to play 60,000 seat stadiums and has linked brands like Coke and LG to tours of schools by emerging artists in regional areas.

Sofi's key strength is her ability to see the bigger picture inherent in every brief. She's a great 'start to finish' Project Manager and understands how a strategy can be delivered across all media (from traditional to digital and social). On a personal level, Sofi is passionate about music, loves to travel and also volunteers her time to help the elderly in our community.

Sandra Lindberg

Sandra Lindberg

Account Executive

Sandra comes to us all the way from Stockholm, Sweden where she achieved a degree in Media & Communications before moving to Sydney and completing her education with a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Marketing) from UTS. Her early career covered stints in Hospitality and Healthcare before she came on board with Vida as an Intern, helping with the marketing of the Pub2Pub Charity Fun Run & Festival.

We were so impressed with Sandra's excellent communication skills, capacity to multi-task and ability to take the initiative while remaining a great team player, we simply had to hire her! We've since discovered she also has a passion for delivering great client service.

Sandra loves animals (which also tends to fit the Vida psyche) and she's a trained Barista! She has a passion for the environment and conserving it for future generations and has an incredibly green thumb when it comes to gardening.

Garet Griffin

Garet Griffin

Data Technology Strategist

With previous titles including: Senior Database Administrator, CRM Director, Microsoft Project Manager and Lead Solutions Architect, it is safe to say that Garet is Vida’s go-to ‘techie guy’. He has over three decades of experience in Database Marketing, notably as Database Marketing Director for Mandalay Bay Resorts, the largest casino operator in his native Las Vegas.

Since arriving in Australia in 1999, Garet has filled roles encompassing the data sciences, online marketing and CRM, mobile, project management, change management and enterprise platform implementation. He’s not just knowledgeable about the technology itself, but also attentive towards the impact technology has on both organisations and individuals. It’s never been enough for Garet to understand how something works; he’s driven by the need to understand why. With an understanding of how something fits into the wider picture, we have the key to driving value from it. When this view is shared with our clients, we can make better decisions regarding technology and approach and can better align the technology to a client’s purpose and strategy.

Garet works closely with Anna to assist those clients requiring construction of a CRM system or marketing database from scratch, or the upgrading of an existing database to suit contemporary marketing techniques. Garet’s the guy who invented the I.T. terms ‘robust’ and ‘24/7’ and while you may not always understand what he says, he’s the best there is in his field.

Also an accomplished saxophone player, Garet loves his music and can still be found moonlighting in various underground venues, wearing a carefully placed Fedora and sunglasses at night to hide his true identity.

Jaden Social

Jaden Social

Social Media Partner

Jaden Social is a digital agency specialising in all things social. Their passion and expertise lies in connecting brands (and musicians) with their audiences, through strategic identification and management of relevant online channels. As an example, last year Jaden worked with over 100 clients and posted more than 50,000 pieces of content. That content engaged 2.3 million users and drove 3 million interactions across more than 700 million impressions! That converted to 1.3 million Fans for their clients. Vida and Jaden have already worked together on several successful social campaigns.

The Delicatessen

The Delicatessen

Content Creation

The Delicatessen is a boutique content agency specialising in branded content and event video. Operating across Australia and the UK, they proudly provide brands and corporates with multi-platform campaigns that are innovative, inspirational, informational and above all entertaining. Vida and The Delicatessen are currently working together on Bands4Brands and producing video marketing for other clients. The Delicatessen’s core belief is that... “It’s not advertising, it’s entertainment.”