COLORBOND® steel Studio for Architects and Designers

Vida has helped client BlueScope to launch a new platform for architects and designers called COLORBOND® steel Studio. They can now browse online a huge range of over 200 colours and finishes, to find the closest matches to their design vision within the COLORBOND® steel range. Architects and designers are excited about the additional choices and greater freedom this gives them. A live-streamed special event and a promo to win a stunning artwork by renowned First Nations artist Birrunga Wiradyuri, valued at $20,000 are part of the launch.

Vida welcomes exciting new client

Vida has been appointed marketing agency for exciting new start up, HB11 Energy. The company aims to provide the world with a new source of unlimited, clean, safe and reliable energy, generating electricity using laser-ignited non-thermal fusion. This process does not require large plants with steam turbines and does not generate any dangerous radioactive waste. There’s no risk of a reactor meltdown and the energy generated can be directed straight to the grid. Our first task was to create a web site of interest to both scientists and the general public... which we did in record time.

New website launched for 'Sweet Goodbye'

Using the Shopify e-commerce platform, Vida has created a new website for client Sweet Goodbye. The new site and online store will initially target the US and AU markets, but we’ll be rolling out marketing to the rest of the world in 2021. Sweet Goodbye produces beautiful, handcrafted, biodegrable Pet Burial & Cremation Ceremony Kits. They provide a unique way to honour a much loved pet, say a peaceful goodbye and offer solace to young and old during this tough time.
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